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Anatomy of a high Rank (and a low one)
A detailed look at the power that's odds rating provides. If you're skeptical, this is the blog post for you.
Top Six Myths about Online Prizes
Make sure you know the myths to avoid, bad advice can hurt your chances of winning
I Just Won a Prize! Now What?
You've just won a prize. So now what do you need to know to collect and enjoy your prize?'
New Features for Free Members
Free members can now get a couple of "Sneak Peeks" into the Rank (WR) that premium members enjoy to know the best odds.
Does 'When You Play' Have Anything to do with 'How Often You Win'?
Sometimes it's the little things that help you win more often.
What's the Single Best Tip to Win Prizes Online?
It would seem that we all want to spend less time with the "try again" and more time seeing "You've won!". But how can you do that?
Multiply Your Odds of Winning: Play Early and Often
Winning is all about perseverence. The great thing about is that it can really cut down on the time this would otherwise require.
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